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See board inside the cafe!

How To Order


Order at our counter, but please note all meals are freshly prepared to order so there may be a wait, we appreciate your patience. 

Take Out Orders

The fastest way to order is to call us on 01298 84496 and collect, you may be given a time slot for collection 

Food Allergies & Intolerances


Before ordering, please ask a member of our team if you have any food allergies or intolerances. All our dishes are prepared in conditions where they may be allergens present. 

GF* - Can be adapted to Gluten Free

GF – Gluten Free

V – Vegetarian

VG – Vegan

Breakfast Menu

Served until 12:00 noon.

Eat-in or takeaway. Seating available inside and outside.

All served with Bakewell Bakery Bread choose from White Farmhouse or Multigrain.

Hartington’s Big Breakfast - £14.95 

Three Rashers of local Bacon, Two BIG Local Sausages, Two Hash Browns, Two, Local Fried Egg, Seasoned Mushrooms, Black Pudding & Beans 

With Two Slices of Toast & Butter 

Full Breakfast - £11.95 

Two Rashers of local Bacon, Butchers Sausage, Local Fried Egg, 

Black pudding, Hash brown, Beans, Seasoned Mushrooms, with Two slices of Toast & Butter 

Small Breakfast - £8.95 

Bacon Rasher, Butchers Sausage, Local Fried Egg, Hash brown, 

Beans with one slice of Toast & Butter


Vegetarian Breakfast - £8.95 (v)

Two Vegetable Sausages, Hash Brown, Local Fried Egg, Beans, seasoned Mushrooms, with Two slices of Toast & Butter 

Gluten Free Breakfast - £10.95 (v)

Two Rashers of Local Bacon, Local Fried Eggs, Two Hash browns, Beans, Seasoned Mushrooms with Two slices of Gluten Free Toast & Butter  

Derbyshire Oatcakes (v,vg)

choose from 2 fillings:

Cheese, Beans, Mushrooms, Egg, Sausage or Bacon 

£5.25 one Oatcake

£8.50 for Two Oatcake 

Breakfast Bap 

  • Two Big Butchers Sausages - £6 

  • Three Rashers of dry cured Bacon - £4.95 

  • Sausage & Bacon Bap - £7.50 
    (Two Big Sausages & Two Bacon) 

  • Two Fried Local Eggs (v) - £4.35 

  • Veggie Sausages Bap (v,vg) - £4.50 

Add Extra Breakfast items...

  • Bacon - £1.50 

  • Sausage - £1.80 

  • Black Pudding - £1.00 

  • Mushrooms (v,vg) - £1.30

  • Vegetarian Sausage (v,vg) - £1.55 

  • Hash brown (v,vg) - £1.30

  • Cheese (v) - £1.65

  • One Fried Egg (v) - £1.30

Classics on Toast 

Two Slices of Bakewell Bakery Toast choose from Farmhouse White, or Multigrain. 

  • Toast and Butter - £3.50

  • Toast and butter with Strawberry Jam or Marmalade - £4.20 

  • Toast and Butter with Honey - £4.20 

  • Baked Beans or Two Fried local Eggs on Toast - £5.45 (v,vg)

  • Seasoned, Sauteed Mushrooms on Toast - £5.95 (v,vg)

  • Toasted Tea Cake - £3.25 (v,vg)
    add Jam 70p

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