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See board inside the cafe!

How To Order


Order at our counter, but please note all meals are freshly prepared to order so there may be a wait, we appreciate your patience. 

Take Out Orders

The fastest way to order is to call us on 01298 84496 and collect, you may be given a time slot for collection 

Food Allergies & Intolerances


Before ordering, please ask a member of our team if you have any food allergies or intolerances. All our dishes are prepared in conditions where they may be allergens present. 

GF* - Can be adapted to Gluten Free

GF – Gluten Free

V – Vegetarian

VG – Vegan


Enjoy our drinks inside or takeaway. Seating available inside and outside.


Speciality Brew Tea

English Breakfast Tea - £2.85

Decaf Tea - £2.85

Moroccan Mint - £3

Earl Grey - £3

Green Tea - £3

Apple & Blackberry - £3

Loose Leaf Tea - £3.10

Breakfast Tea ~ Strong & Malty

Lemon & Ginger ~ Fiery & Citrusy

Chai Tea ~ Spiced & Bright

Novus Tea ~ Peak District Brew

Americano - £3

Espresso poured over hot water, served with or without milk


Cappuccino - £3.25

Two Espresso shots, topped with foamed milk, raised with warm milk and topped with chocolate sprinkles


Latte - £3.25

One shot of Espresso topped with steamed milk


Flat White - £3.25

Two Espresso shots, combined with textured milk


Mocha - £3.70

Espresso shot combined with Cadbury's chocolate & warm milk


Hot Chocolate - £3.50

Cadbury's chocolate made with warm milk


Vegan Hot Chocolate - £4

Made with Vegan Chocolate with warm Soya or Oat milk


Deluxe Hot Chocolate - £4.25

Cadbury's chocolate made with warm milk topped with cream, marshmallows, and chocolate flake

We use Arden Coffee Beans from Chesterfield Derbyshire.  All of our Coffee is made to order giving you a smooth, rich & well-balanced Coffee using medium roasted beans.

Skimmed, Soya & Oat (VG) also Available on request (30p extra charge)

Flavoured syrups available ~ 80p each


Folkington’s Presses - £3.30

  • Sparking Elderflower 

  • Sparking Rhubarb & Apple 

  • Traditional Hot Ginger Beer 

  • Lemonade & Mint 


Folkington’s Juices - £3.40

  • Pure Squeezed Orange 

  • Pressed Cloudy Pear 

  • Pure Pressed Cloudy Apple 

Cans - £2.50 

Diet Coke Can, Coke Can, Tango Orange Can

Bottled Water - £1.95

Still Water, Sparkling Water


Local Beers, Ciders and Gins Available

Please see our Alcohol Board near the Counter

Local Halfpenny Green Wine, Estate Bobbington Staffordshire 

  • Penny Red (Red, Medium/Dry) 375ml - £7.50 

  • Penny Black (White, Medium/Dry) 375ml - £7.50 

  • English Rose (Medium/Dry, Rose) 375ml - £7.50 

  • Brut Sparkling 750ml Bottle - £24.00 

  • Rose Sparkling 750ml Bottle - £24.00 

Glass of Wine - £4.95 (200ml)

  • Red 

  • Pinot 

  • Sauvignon Blanc 

  • White Zinfandel 

Prosecco - £5.50 (200ml)

If You Like What You Have Tried Today our Local Beers and Wines are Available to Purchase in our Farm Shop 

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